Welcome to our Hawaiianize website

01. About Us

Miami has always been a hub for travelers around the world. South Florida is one of those destinations that is on everybody’s travel bucket list. For that reason, the demand for destination wear is at it's highest all year round.

Hawaiianize is happy to be a Miami-based clothing line with the purpose to manufacture, retail, and wholesale attire. Hawaiianized products are world-wide known for its Aloha spirit. We want each and every piece designed to transmit the Hawaiian culture through love, life, and laughter.

Gilles De Sola  – CEO

Welcome to our Hawaiianize website

02. History

From 2004 until 2017, our primary focus was to develop a “Complete White” European clothing retail chain of ten stores across the Caribbean. We made footprints on famous islands like St Maarten, Nassau Bahamas, St Thomas, Cozumel Mexico to name a few. The journey has been rich of encounters, adventures and unforgettable experiences.

In 2015, after moving to Florida we continued our growth adding two new stores to our group including a two-story building located in the famous Duval Street in Key West. At this point in time, we were in cruise control and life was just fast and amazing, but that did not last long.

In September 2017, the destiny of the company changed its course forever when Hurricane Irma made passage across the Caribbean & Florida. The devastation ultimately left us financially vulnerable with thirteen years of hard work gone in a few days. But we did not let that break us, in 2018, during the installation of a pilot store in Naples FL, we met a prominent Polynesian princess from Tahiti. She explained to us that Hawaii was created by the decedent of French Polynesia and went in detail about the meaning of the Aloha spirit: the coordination of mind and heart within each person, which brings each person to ones’ self.

She offered us a Tribal tattoo T-Shirt and made a prayer for her ancestors to give us protection and strength, the resonance of her words after our loss came like a message from the sky and gave us a spark to rise again….it was then that Hawaiianize was born.

The aloha spirit lifted our spirits and creativity to new heights and we have been unstoppable ever since, Hawaiianize is now driven by the Aloha spirit through love, life, and laughter and our mission is to transmit positive vibes to everyone’s around us.

After opening our store in Naples Florida, our goal was for Hawaiianize to return to the Caribbean, and the first opportunities came where it all started in the beautiful island of St Maarten. Our stores Hawaiianize Philipsburg St Maarten and Hawaiianize Maho at Maho Village were created in 2019.

Hawaiianize’s team is committed to bringing positive hawaiianized vibes, around the world. The tropical wear goes great with the world’s different Caribbean Jewelry, Latin American textiles, or plane casual wear.

Gilles De Sola  – CEO